An Oasis In the “Prickly, Lizard- and Tarantula-Populated Chihuahuan Desert.”

Купить Гари Гарисон Карабаново The Chinati Hot Springs are an oasis in the Chihuahuan Desert, says Pam LeBlanc, Fitness and Adventure Travel writer for the Austin American-Statesman.

купить Гаштет Чулым “…  these soothing waters lured humans to this hard-to-get-to corner of Big Bend National Park for thousands of years before it opened as a resort. It’s easy to see why. It’s quiet in the desert, and no one just happens upon this place. You have to be purposely headed here…”

Купить бошки в Беслан To read the complete article by Pam LeBlanc, “Chinati Hot Springs:  A Rugged Oasis in Big Bend, ” Austin American-Statesman, February 10, 2015, go to: