Grandfather Coyote


Coyote, Upper Geyser Basin; Neal Herbert; October 2014; Catalog #19724d; Original #9595

The coyote can adapt to living almost anywhere as they go after a wide variety of small prey. Photo courtesy National Park Service.

Traditional Navajo, Apache and Pueblo Winter Stories

The Chihuahuan Desert Education Coalition (CDEC) will present at its annual meeting on Tuesday night, November 1, at 6:30 – 7:30pm, a special program by Alex Mares – Grandfather Coyote: Traditional Navajo, Apache and Pueblo Winter Stories. Mares, a Traditional Navajo Storyteller, will share Winter – also known as “Coyote” Stories with the audience. The stories are for all ages. They are intended to make you laugh, maybe cry and above all to make you think. The stories reveal knowledge about both animal and human behavior and details about our natural environment in a humorous and age appropriate way.

The program will be presented at the Garden Center on the in Memorial Park. The Center is located on the west side of the park near Piedras at 3105 Grant Avenue. Admission to the event is free for CDEC members and $15 for non-members. Anyone wishing to join CDEC at the door may do so for $20 for individuals and $40 for families. All new members receive a FREE beautiful hardcover coffee table book ($60 retail) Cacti of Texas in their Natural Habitat by members Ad Konings and Gertrud Konings.
For more information- 915- 539-8539 or
915-667-4565 (send a text or leave a message)





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