Board approves CDEC focus for 2020

img_9020At board meetings in September and October our Board of Directors approved new goals for 2020 focused on helping educate people about the Chihuahuan Desert.

After you have looked over our top priorities please contact us to let us know how you would like to be involved.   Membership in CDEC is free and we are a volunteer organization.  Everyone volunteering helps in big and small ways.   We need help with social media, blogging, fund raising and someone with the passion to help educate youth to coordinate our Nature Club.

Our big three goals are  (1) Education and Outreach, (2) Volunteerism, and (3) the Chihuahuan Desert Fiesta.    To help us accomplish these goals the following individuals have agreed to help.

Education and Outreach

Collaborating with the Parks Department Trailblazers program – Joe McKnight
Developing a schedule of Zoo Adventure Chihuahuan Desert workshops at the El Paso Zoo – Sarah Murphy


Encouraging people to become volunteers at the Chihuahuan Desert exhibit at the El Paso Zoo and at local parks and protected areas – Rick LoBello

Chihuahuan Desert Fiesta

Increasing the conservation education impact of the annual event – Rick LoBello

Other goals

Annual Meeting – January 21, 2020 – Amanda Fonseca

Celebration -Making sure we focus on celebrating everything about the Chihuahuan Desert to help more people value this important landscape and eco-region – Diane Perez