About Us

The mission of the Chihuahuan Desert Education Coalition (CDEC) is to collaborate efforts among educators and the public in support of programs that enhance conservation and education of the Chihuahuan Desert. CDEC was founded in 2004 at the El Paso Zoo in collaboration with El Paso Water. We are a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization and everyone is a volunteer. To get involved as a committee member or as part of our leadership team you can contact us here.

2021 Board of Directors

Officers and Committee Chairs

Rick LoBello, Chair
Dora Hernandez, Vice Chair, Fiesta Chair, Nominating Committee
Robert Vines, Treasurer 1
Jacob Croft, Treasure 2, Prairie Dog Project, Nominating Committee
Diane Perez, Secretary 1
Dr. Kristen Lear, Secretary 2
Kendra Jones, Biosphere Reserves
Joe Montisano, Fundraising Chair
Erica Rocha, Zoo Talks – Program Assistant representing CDEC
John Sellers, Retreat Coordinator
Shannon King, Website
Stephanie Chavez, International Member Recruitment

Jason Abrams
Yenlai Chee
Miguel Escoto
John Fahey
Amanda Leverett
Luis Alan Medina
George Gomez Pinon
Mark Pumphrey
Max Richardson
Carlos Rodriguez
Dr. Jennifer Smith

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