For the love of frogs

By Rick LoBello

It’s frog time again and I was happy to see it raining last night. It was probably a little too cool for most frogs to be out and about, but then again I didn’t have a chance to go outside and look.

As the days get warmer and the rains return frog time in the Chihuahuan Desert is critical to the survival of many species that have been waiting underground for the right time to breed. Not every frog that buried itself last summer to estivate during the cooler dry season will wake up if it did not eat enough to see it through. Soon the survival of the fittest will come into play when the survivors of 2018 awaken.

If you have never experienced seeing frogs calling at night you are missing out on an amazing primordial event. Check out this video I uploaded a while back to see what I mean. Two of the common species in El Paso are Couches spadefoot toad and the red-spotted toad.

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