CDEC Update – November 29, 2022

Greetings, friends of the Chihuahuan Desert Education Coalition

As the last days of November come to an end and we all start making plans for Christmas and New Years, our Board of Directors will be meeting this week to make plans for the coming new year.

If you missed our 18th Annual Chihuahuan Desert Fiesta in September, you missed a great weekend with nearly two dozen Education Partners participating at the El Paso Zoo and Botanical Gardens and nearly 100 hikers joining a series of six guided hikes sponsored at Franklin Mountains State Park. Nearly 2000 people participated all together making our Fiesta in 2022 the second highest attendance on record.

Scott Cutler helped to host a booth for the El Paso Trans Pecos Audubon Society.

Ballet Folklorico Cuauhtli helped to celebrate the Chihuahuan Desert at the Zoo’s Wildlife Amphitheater.

Save the Date – Chihuahuan Desert Conference – November 15-17, 2023

If you missed the Chihuahuan Desert Conference at the El Paso Zoo and Botanical Gardens in 2019 then you won’t want to miss the conference we are planning next November. Learn more on our website and sign up to volunteer by contacting us.

You can help us create a future where all people understand, value, and protect the Chihuahuan Desert

Why are some people passionate about saving wildlife and protecting the natural world and the complex ecosystem that holds everything together, while others are not? Matt Kowalski of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation hit the nail on the head when he was quoted in the September, 2022 issue of National Geographic. He says “If you don’t know it, you don’t love it” and “If you don’t love it, you won’t try to protect it.”

One easy way to help us inspire all people to love the Chihuahuan Desert and take action towards a sustainable future is to encourage people you know to follow our blog. Subscribing is free and soon we plan to announce a new CDEC Membership Program. As you no doubt know social media these days is making a big difference in helping organizations like ours increase their overall impact. We hope that you will share us on social media whenever you have a moment on your phone or computer.

Together we can create a sustainable future in the Chihuahuan Desert.

Happy Holidays from all of us.


Rick LoBello, Co-founder and Chair

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