Welcome back Gertrud

Dr. Gertrud Konings is back on our new website as an Administrator.  She is one of the hardest working CDEC members ever.  She is solely responsible for approving all certified habitat applications and most of the content on our Teachers and Resources pages.  She also updates our events page.  The YouTube video link above focuses on our efforts to encourage people to landscape with native plants.  In case you have not noticed we have made applying for Chihuahuan Desert Education Coalition Certified Habitat much easier with a new online Survey Monkey form.

Hello everyone


Hello from El Paso,

Our new website is up and running.   We apologize for the delay.   Hopefully we will be adding lots of new content soon.  Please send comments, pictures, stories and more to my office at lobellorl@elpasotexas.gov.   We would love to hear from you.

Rick LoBello
Vice Chair, Chihuahuan Desert Education Coalition